About Us

Williams Roncolato is a law firm, established in 1971 on the ethos of providing a strong caring commitment to each and every client at a competitive and cost effective fee structure. We are proud of the work we perform for our clients and the satisfaction that they have with our services.

Many of our clients have been with us for a long period of time and we have provided different services for them along the way. It is a credit to the members of the firm today that we continue to flourish in a challenging market by providing what we believe to be an accessible and personable legal service.

Paul Roncolato
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Paul Roncolato joined the firm in 1985, became a partner in 1999 and the firm was thereafter known as Williams Roncolato Lawyers.

Paul has a strong work ethic, commitment and loyalty to the firm that result in his clients showing the same loyalty by coming back time and time again.

Paul practices primarily in the areas of:

  • Conveyancing;
  • Property law;
  • Banking finance law;
  • Wills and estates; and
  • also commercial matters, in particular, commercial leasing.

Paul has a particular passion for the practice of property law and has had his own personal experience with buying, selling, renovating, and developing various types of properties in Sydney and beyond so Paul is well versed in the many potentials and pitfalls faced by his clients.

Friendly and enthusiastic, Paul is a dedicated lawyer who will do his utmost to ensure clients obtain the best legal advice and high quality service.

Alissa Lawrie
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Alissa Lawrie has been with the firm since 2002 and prides herself on excellence in the provision of legal services to her clients.

As a partner of the firm, Alissa follows the firms’ ethos of providing “a strong, caring commitment to each of our clients in a competitive and cost effective manner”.

Alissa’s areas of expertise are:

  • Conveyancing;
  • Property law;
  • Mortgage and Banking finance law;
  • Wills and estates.

Alissa’s practical, caring and informed approach to achieving her clients’ needs are equalled by her excellent plain English style communication skills.

To Alissa the practice of law is about clients and her passion to assist them achieve the best results.

Rhys Williams

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Lee-Anne Dimmock is a Senior Associate of the firm and has been with the firm since July 2021, Lee-Anne has over 20 years’ experience practising in the following core areas:

  • Conveyancing, Property Law & Development;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Retirement Village Law
  • Commercial Law & Dispute Resolution

Lee-Anne’s expertise and understanding of the interplay of the above practice areas allows her to provide clients with in-depth knowledge and practical advice.

Due to her knowledge, appreciation of commercial considerations and proactive approach, Lee-Anne applies her experience to achieve positive outcomes for clients, from streamlining mixed use development projects and off the plan sales, retirement village law insight or empathetic approach to wills and probate matters.

Lee-Anne has a niche area of practice assisting clients with their business succession and estate planning needs.

David Fryatt
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David Fryatt has 30 years’ experience in family law, criminal law and estate disputes.

As well as being an accredited specialist in family law, David is a nationally accredited mediator and an accredited family dispute resolution practitioner.

David’s approach to law is to make the process as streamlined and simple as possible, and his down to earth friendly manner is appreciated by his clients.

Contact David directly on his mobile phone number: 0429 985 555 during business hours.

Otherwise email him directly at david@wrlegal.com.au and he will provide a response to your query.

In case of emergency, David can also assist after hours and during holiday periods.

  • Do you need family law advice?
  • Are you in trouble with the police?
  • Have you been left out of a Will?
  • Are you receiving your fair share from an estate or Will?
  • Is your will up to date?
  • Have you thought about your advance care directive?
  • Do you wish to avoid litigation and require a mediator?

If so, then David can help you.

“David helped me with my family law case and managed to arrange a mediation early on with my husband. We settled the case, without the expense of court costs”. (Sally R.)

“I was charged with a DUI, and David represented me when I had to go to court. I kept my license which meant I kept my job. Thanks mate!” (Pete L.)

“My mother left me out of her will after we had an argument a few years ago. She left everything to my step brother. I was able to obtain a substantial settlement with David’s assistance”. (Judith T)

“I wasn’t aware of how important it was to have my Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian documents in place until I spoke to David. He also prepared an Advance Care Directive so that my doctors now know my wishes should I ever become incapacitated. I feel so much more reassured that these are all up to date now”. (Phillip E)